Dataset of Android Cryptocurrency Miners

The SaToSS research group from the University of Luxembourg has collected a large dataset of 728 Android cryptocurrency mining apps. This dataset includes both web-based and binary-based miners. As our focus is on the Android mining phenomenon, the dataset consists of illicit Android miners, as well as legitimate miners that declare their mining activity upfront and could be solicited by the users. We also include a smaller sample of non-mining applications that can confuse the basic detection approaches (mining scams, wallet apps, etc.). The dataset has been carefully vetted with manual analysis.

For more information please have a look at our technical report at

Obtaining the dataset

The dataset is available upon request for research purposes. We share this dataset on the principles of ethical and responsible research, and we hope that you will use it accordingly.

To obtain the dataset please ask a senior researcher from your institution (e.g., the head of the research group or a department) to send an email to:

  • Dr. Stanislav Dashevskyi, stanislav.dashevskyi[at]

In your email please also specify the purpose for which you intend to use the dataset.

Access rights

Below you can find the summary of rights and obligations concerning the usage of the dataset.

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You cannot

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  1. S. Dashevskyi, Y. Zhauniarovich, O. Gadyatskaya, A. Pilgun, H. Ouhssain. "Dissecting Android Cryptocurrency Miners". Technical report available on ArXiV, 2019.


This research was partially supported by Luxembourg National Research Fund through grants
AFR-PhD-11289380-DroidMod and C15/IS/10404933/COMMA.